A Classic Transitional Dress


I was so lucky to have snatched this dress before anyone else off of Found Shop’s Insta- story. (By the way, if you are not following them on Instagram, you really should!  They have new vintage finds every day and there’s something for everyone’s style!)


I don’t think I even hesitated to message them about purchasing it. Something in me told me that it would be a versatile addition to my wardrobe.  

The dress may look simple, but it has the potential for great chicness. My first thought when I tried it on was, “this needs a slit.”  I still stand by that but I’m going to have a good time discovering new ways to spice it up before I commit to the slit.


On this particular day, I was showing one of my lovely friends around my beautiful city of Richmond, so I wanted to dress it up a bit. I chose a bronze belt to cinch it in around the waist and give it a little shape, a vintage Chanel inspired bag, and nude heeled sandals to elevate it from a casual look. I felt like a gorgeous statue that fit right in at the VMFA or like I should be strolling down the streets of Paris with a baguette and an armful of flowers.  

What I think I love most about this dress is that it is a fantastic transitional piece. It’s lightweight enough for the summer but it would also be great for fall with a dark grey turtleneck layered underneath and a leather moto jacket on top. Not to mention all of the different heeled boots and loafers I can pair with it.

Okay, even just thinking about this has got me so excited for fall and for apart two of this post!


Because this dress is vintage, I wasn't able to link the exact one for you to shop, but I did my best to put together options that are similar! Shop below!