Fall Florals & A Birthday Giveaway


If you’re looking for a way to make your autumn wardrobe bloom,  break the cycle of wearing sweaters, boots and leggings by incorporating florals into your looks.

Just like white is NOT saved for before Labor Day, the spring is not the only time for floral prints. You can still wear your favorite flowing flowery frocks from the Spring! You will just need to layer and accessorize appropriately for the fall weather as well trends.


If this is all new to you and you need a starting point, I’m here to help you out!


First, find a floral print that excites you. Then to complete your look, pair it with a color/colors that are from a recognizable autumn pallet and that will also compliment the colors of the floral print.

For example, take a navy floral print skirt and pair it with an oxblood sweater or blouse! Even if there isn’t any oxblood flower on the skirt, it is a very autumnal color that also goes well with navy.

Another example would be pairing a floral print blazer or an embroidered floral blazer with a neutral turtleneck  underneath.

If floral prints are too bold and too much color for your wardrobe, but you still want to try something new, a floral lace is just as chic and a great way to make the look work for you.


I  decided I couldn’t get enough of this trend and layered a floral lace top under one of my favorite floral dress for a more dramatic look. The black lace creates an edgier vibe and is a less traditional approach to florals!

IMG_0674 (1).JPG


On another exciting note, today marks the 1st birthday of Modestly Exposed! It’s crazy that it’s already been one year but it also feels like I’ve been doing this for even longer.

To every person who is reading this, or has read any of these posts, shopped a look, or shown me any kind of encouragement or support, THANK YOU! Genuinely thank you so much, I can’t express how much I appreciate it.

As a way to say thank you and I love you, I am giving away a $25 Lively gift card to celebrate this big day.

Lively is a lingerie brand that I am so honored to be an ambassador for, and I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity if it wasn’t for you reading this blog! Their pieces are SO comfortable and wearable but also incredibly adorable, which is why I want to treat you to something from them!

To enter all you have to do is head on over to my Instagram (@kaylynvial) and comment with your favorite blog post of mine from this year! That’s it!

Bonus entries if you post a photo that is inspired by one of the blog posts and tag me in it or if you tag a friend in the comments!

The winner will be announced on my Instagram on the 21st, so make sure you’re following me!

Thank you again❤️

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