What To Wear To A Wedding


Wedding season is here! For me it has been in full blast just in this past month. I was lucky enough to stand beside two of my best friends on their wedding days and invited to another lovely friend’s wedding all within the month of July! If your wedding season looks a bit like mine, with multiple weddings all with different dress codes you may be at a loss for what to wear. I have picked a variety of dresses (and a couple jumpsuits/rompers because it’s me and you know I’m ALL about a jumpsuit) that will suit any dress code.



When we say casual for a wedding, it is not the same as everyday casual. Please don’t show up to a loved one’s wedding in jeans and sneakers or even worse Chaco’s. To my people who wear Chaco’s, you know I still love you despite your shoe choices!

For this kind of wedding, you can’t go wrong with a cotton dress that has an interesting pattern or flirty details.


Dressy Casual


What is dressy casual if casual doesn’t actually mean casual?  Dressy casual is the day version of semiformal or formal, for work it may be considered business casual.  If you didn’t want to wear a dress, silk dress pants or suit trousers with a dressier blouse would be appropriate. This dress code can also be applied to dates where it’s not quite a little black dress night but also not taco Tuesday at the local Mexican restaurant



Semi-formal is a hemline above black tie. What I mean by that is, a wedding with this dress code holds a similar formality of a black tie event but the dresses are shorter. They can be mini, midi or even tea-length, whereas a black tie wedding usually requires the dresses to be floor-length.   A shorter bridesmaids dress, formal cocktail dress or even your best little black dress would work well for this setting.


Black Tie

I cannot wait for the day I am able to attend a wedding that is black tie, because I will finally have an excuse to dress like I’m walking a red carpet, until I actually walk a red carpet.  This is the opportunity to wear those floor-length dresses you see in store or online and think, “where would I even where that?” Gowns are usually an investment piece because they are so expensive! I found a few that are under one hundred dollars, which is crazy! A couple of the dresses I chose are from one of my favorite shops, Revolve, who now partner with a company called Afterpay. Afterpay makes it so you don’t have to feel that drop in your stomach when you see that intimidating price tag next to the dress you fell in love with.  Instead of abandoning your cart or buying the dress and then starving until the next paycheck, you’d pay for it in two week installments that are so affordable. But if you can’t justify purchasing one because you only have one event to attend, then Rent the Runway might be your answer. Rent the Runway allows you to rent designer clothes, including gowns, for a limited time at an affordable cost. Not to mention, it is an ethically conscious way to shop.

By the way, I am not sponsored by either of these companies, I just really love them but if they’d like to sponsor a post or video I’d be honored!

Kaylyn Vial