Minimal 70’s Look

Photographed by: Sandyswaggerjones


We know the nineties have stuck around in the trends, but it seems that we’ve made peace with the seventies coming back into our closets as well.  But how do we incorporate this trend into our everyday lives without feeling over the top?

When you think of the seventies, your first thought is probably bell bottoms because flared pants are a marker of that decade. Over the past few seasons our jeans have gradually moved away from enveloping our thighs as a second skin to a straight leg mom jean and now to a flared wide leg.  Simultaneously, the waistline of our jeans rose while the legs widened.  

To get an understated seventies look you don’t have to go full on bell bottoms. A high waist, wide leg jean is subtle enough to be an everyday look but still gives off the desired vintage feel. To add a bit more interest to the look, go for a jean with detail on the waist such as a tie belt.

As for shoes, a wide leg pant’s best friend is a heel. In terms of practicality and comfort, go for a block heel.

Don’t stop the details at the waist. Look for simple tops with interesting subtleties, it will keep this look from feeling boring or basic. A perfect pairing for flared jeans is a Victorian blouse. It characteristically has a high neck with lace or ruffles at the sleeves while being made up of a delicate fabric.  I chose a Victorian blouse with a pleated bib and ruffles on both the neck and the cuffs to bring a vintage feel to a modern look.


Celebrity Inspiration: 

Olivia Culpo