A Little Drama

As a fashion blogger, I’m always in need of a photographer and I enjoy getting to work with a variety of incredibly talented artists who each bring something different to their photos.  This is why I was so grateful when Julie, of Julie Adams Portraits, reached out to me to do a collaboration for a photoshoot.

Julie is no exception to having her own unique perspective on photography. For this shoot we talked a lot about using natural light, but on the day of it was pouring down rain with grey skies and hardly any light at all. But Julie was fully prepared and knew just how to maneuver her set to get the lighting and aesthetic she was going for. She was able to still create natural light with a touch of darkness to create a little touch of drama.

 She stays true to her aesthetic with every shoot, where she revels in the glamour to create a dramatic experience as well as photos.  As a part of that experience, she works with her loyal hair and makeup artists to ensure she captures the look she envisions.  So you’re not just getting your picture taken but you’re also being treated like a mini Gigi Hadid or *insert your favorite model/ celebrity here* for the day by having your own mini glam squad. 

Julie’s experience is great for senior portraits and for those who don’t know where to start when it comes to striking a pose. Because she gives precise directions, you don’t have to worry about where to look or if you’re doing things “right.” She will tell you what you need to do so that the photos will line up with what she’s envisioning.  She guides you as transition from look to look around her studio.

Because her artistic signature is sophisticated and glamorous, not only does she create great senior portraits but she specializes in boudoir photos. She is the person you want to go to if you’re looking for that dark romantic vibe.  Julie loves to play with different textures of clothing in shoots, which is ideal for boudoir because lingerie is made up of lace and other playful materials.  Because I am Modestly Exposed, I chose not to go the boudoir route for this shoot. So you will just have to take my word that she is no stranger to them, or you can look at her work on her website.