Get the Look: Hadid Sisters

If you don’t know who Gigi and Bella Hadid are, you may have been living under a rock or you probably have seen them but didn’t know their names. They are two of the biggest, if not THE biggest, super models in the industry/ world right now. To even try and give a highlight of their careers would need a completely different blog post! All of that to say, they are notable icons of not only the fashion industry, but street style as well. This is a bold statement but they are queens of the crop top, not the only queens but definitely middriff royalty.

Photos by Stephanie Ramson of She Saw Style

Photos by Stephanie Ramson of She Saw Style

When I was creating this outfit for this photoshoot, and to see Avengers Endgame with my squad, Gigi and Bella immediately came to my mind. They have a style that is sporty yet chic, think modern day Sporty Spice! If you don’t know who Sporty Spice is, please stop reading this and go listen to the Spice Girls and watch SPICE WORLD right now. You will thank me.


Gigi and Bella have very similar styles but they are not the same. There are subtle differences that distinguish each Hadid sister’s looks. Bella leans more on the Sporty Spice side with influences from Hip-Hop music, while Gigi often goes for a softer, more classic look.


For this look, I wanted to combine the two because it’s not out of the question that sisters would share each other’s clothes. I mean I have an older sister who is constantly borrowing something every time she’s over, but to be fair, I did take a few things from her closet too growing up.

So to create the perfect Hadid outfit, I bought an XS men’s shirt from H&M and cut it at the bottom of my bralette. I did this specifically to show off the contrast of the red bralette, which I got from LIVELY (if you would like to shop the bralette and get $10 off of your first order use the code AMB-kaylynvial). To really give this look the Hadid touch, I paired it with a black TopShop trousers with racing stripes on the sides and red Balenciaga dupes from Target. The top and bralette could easily be Gigi or Bella, but the trousers were mainly inspired by Bella’s sportiness, and the boots by Gigi’s vibrantly classic style.


Which Hadid sister’s style do you relate to the most? Or do you relate to either?

Whose style would you like to see a GET THE LOOK from?