A Timeless Look For Every Woman


Fashion is like how the ocean is constantly moving and changing tides. Trends or “what’s in” flow back and forth as often as the waves hit the shore. So for a look to transcend those trends season after season, it’s safe to say it’s probably worth having in your wardrobe. Even some of the most iconic women in fashion have been photographed in this classic look.  Marilyn, Audrey, Bridgette, and Diana all wore these two pieces that perfectly embodied their timelessness not only in fashion but in history.


 A black high neck top, that fits, is a staple piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe.  The color itself is timeless.  One might argue that it is the color of fashion. It is a style building block and the icon of colors, which is why it is an essential part of your closet. Black and the higher neckline such as a turtle, roll, or mock neck does not point to a specific fashion season, so it can be relevant and chic no matter the era.

High-waist structured trousers in a neutral color or small print, such as a tiny hound’s tooth print, are how you balance out this look.  They are an alternative to a jean or a pair of slacks and can be just as comfortable and flattering as your daily denim. They give you an elevated style even with a casual look. A higher waist elongates the leg, and gives the illusion of a little extra height, especially when paired with a pointed toe shoe.

This look is simple and minimal but yet so chic, no matter your age.  


If it is too simple a look for you, you don’t have to embrace the minimalistic style. These two pieces serve as the perfect blank canvas to build any outfit.  Make this look work for you and express your own style by adding a jacket, a statement pair of shoes, your favorite pieces of jewelry, borrow your grandmother’s vintage silk scarves and broaches (I borrowed my mom’s broaches but the scarf is all mine).  Incorporating your favorite items from your closet creates a look that uniquely you. Yes someone might have the exact same outfit as you do, somewhere, but the way you wear it and who you are will set the look apart more than an accessory ever could!