Okay, so that title is total clickbait. There’s nothing going on between me and David! The only thing that’s hotter than the summer heat, is our looks. 

I have had the song, “Señorita”, by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, stuck in my head since its release! I’m not complaining though, because after listening to it, I immediately wanted to create a look that made me feel as spicy as I do when listening to the song. I’d really like to put together more looks based on songs and music videos in the future, so let me know in the comments which ones you’d like to see! But this song, perfectly embodies a spicy summer, which can be expressed through your style as well. For this post, my mind instantly went towards my red mini dress!

To me, a red mini dress instantly says, “she’s spicy!” It’s bright, bold, strong, powerful and flirtatious, which can also be said about the one who is wearing it.

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What’s even hotter than this summer heat or Senorita?

David Beckham.

Not only do I have a crush on him, he’s a men’s style icon. His style is simple and effortless yet he’s secure enough in himself to take risks in his fashion choices (thank you Victoria)! Guys, if you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to your closet, follow his lead. I did. I’m not going to lie though, I did draw some inspiration from one of Tom Holland’s magazine covers for the photos below, but it was mostly from David.

When I first came across these pants, I wanted them for myself! I even tried them on. I had to, because David wasn’t with me and I need to make sure they’d work! They did. I loved their subtle but exciting pattern and in order to show it off, while adding a bit more spice, I paired them with a white and navy horizontal stripe t-shirt. The wider stripes allow the two patterns to coexist together without appearing overwhelming.

Mixing prints creates dimensions and interest to an outfit. It also says, “I’m intriguing, creative, a risk taker, and don’t play by everyone else’s rules.” And if i’m being honest, that is soooo attractive.

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Thank you so much to Stephanie Ramson for being such an angel and taking these amazing photos! Also, a special thank you to the Graduate Richmond for allowing us to take photos and being so welcoming! This post was NOT sponsored in any way.

How do you spice up your wardrobe? Where do you draw your style inspiration from?