How to Do Black Tie Every Day


A few months ago I bought gowns for a black tie event, and have been looking for any excuse to wear them again.  I searched through Rent the Runway for gowns because it’s a smart decision to rent a dress if you only plan on wearing it once. But, because I am a stylist I couldn’t just check one site and considered all my options. I found two dresses on that I couldn’t pass up. It wasn’t an impulse decision though, as I said I was seriously considering renting but when I saw this dress


I immediately knew how I wanted to style it for a day look. I felt challenged in a way or more so inspired to find creative ways to rewear it. Not only is it more environmentally and financially conscious  to rewear it, it brings an element of glamour to everyday. I’m always here for a glamour moment.

How to recreate this look:

  1. Find the right dress- this look works because there wasn’t an excessive amount of material to create a bulge under the t-shirt. There are tiers of tulle but they are subtle enough where they do not intervene. The details of  embroidery, tulle, and sheer material give texture and add an element of interest to the look. A satin dress wouldn’t have the same effect.

  2. Layers, layers, layers,- For spring, I layered a slogan t-shirt over the dress and tied it to one side. Tying the shirt defines the waist and creates a shape, unlike a boxy silhouette when a t shirt is left hanging. Plus, it just looks too awkward to not tie. To top off this look for a more work appropriate look, I added a blazer. Adding a blazer or a jacket instantly elevates an outfit and makes you look more put together. I only say this because I live by this everyday. I have to get up incredibly early for work, so I don’t always plan out a look that’s super intentional but when I add a jacket it makes people believe it is.

  3. Don’t forget about your shoes! I went for a heeled boot because they are comfortable and make the look more casual. They also stay true to the aesthetic of the dress, while keeping the dress from dragging on the ground.


Ready for your own red carpet look to recreate? Here are some dresses you can have fun with!

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