How to Dress Practically But Stylishly For A Music Festival

Music festival season has officially begun! It’s the time where Coachella is inescapable from social media and everyone who isn’t going is left craving celebrities, sun and bohemian looks.

The festivals are no longer known solely for great music, but they have become the equivalent of a bohemian fashion month.  So what you’re wearing is just as important as who you’re seeing.  The looks that our favorite celebrities and bloggers are wearing are captured in a street style way.  Fashion brands have also caught on to the excitement by partnering with influencers and dressing them for the season, creating another aspect of the festivals we lust over. My goal is to one day be a part of the Revolve family and attend the Revolve festival that’s put on alongside Coachella. It’s my preferred way to enjoy outdoor festivals!  Meaning hotels with showers rather than tents and dry shampoo. Plus Revolve knows how to put on every bloggers ideal celebration.


If you aren’t lucky enough to be invited by a brand or can’t afford the luxurious experience of a music festival, chances are you won’t be packing a full on suitcase.  It will look more like an overnight bag or just a backpack kind of trip. So what do you do if want to be practical as well as stylish?  

Pack light! For years now Pinterest, bloggers, and Youtubers have shown us how to pack a week’s worth of clothes in a carry on by mixing and matching only a few pieces. This is no different, well maybe a little easier because it’s a weekend rather than a full week.

You need a bottom, a top to serve as your base, and layering pieces.

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For your bottom, you can’t go wrong with jeans.  Jeans are ideal because you can typically get more than one wear of them and are for the most part comfortable.  As for the fashion aspect of them, pants are more likely to be seen this year at festivals based on current trends. Of course there will always be people in shorts, but this gives you a different approach to the typical festival look of shorts and a crop top.

As a top, bralettes or Sporty swim tops are great for festivals because it’s going to be hot, literally hot. Spring and summer can bring unbearable heat, especially in direct sunlight with very little shade which festivals are known for, so lightweight clothes are a must. A bralette is the perfect warm weather base for layering because it’s MULTI FUNCTIONAL, not only is it a crop top it but also serves as a bra. It allows the layering pieces to be the most memorable part to your look. They are also compact enough you can pack three and have plenty of room for all your other essentials such as a water bottle, sunscreen, and deodorant. 

*Little tip! fold them and pack them in the fanny pack or purse you're taking*


My practical festival picks for cover ups this year are kimonos, sheer shirt dresses and button down dresses. They all can easily be folded to where they take up very little room compared to fringe, leather, or denim jackets. All are lightweight and won’t cause unnecessary heat.

Kimonos are a trend I’m currently all about anyway, so it’s only fitting that they’d be present at festivals.  I absolutely love all of the bold patterns and colors and the fact that there’s a print for everyone!    If you leaving them open, it gives the boho chic vibe that fits the aesthetic of a music festival. If you want to close it up a bit, instead of tying it with the belt that it comes with, try a western or embroidered belt around your waist.


You can do the same thing with a sheer shirt dress if you leave it unbuttoned. This type of shirt dress gives me Stevie Nicks vibes that I am totally here for, especially at a festival. For Coachella wear over a bralette, on the flight home wear it over band tank! If your style is more preppy or minimalist, oxford shirts or classic button downs are your go to. They are classic and aren’t as bohemian as a printed kimono or shirt dress.  To pull off this look leave them unbuttoned and tie the two sides together.  I did the same thing with my sheer shirt dress, because it has high slits on both sides. But I also love that I have the option to leave the shirt dress open or wear it buttoned up over a bralette.


Button down dresses are probably my favorite out of all of these. You can leave it open as a Kimono, or button a couple middle buttons so only a small part of your stomach is exposed. Then in the evening, you can button it all the way down, shimmy of your jeans and wear it as a dress. Automatically two outfits in one!

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You don't have to compromise style for practicality, especially during festival season.  Festivals are as much a social event as they are a concert. Because Music brings people together, you're constantly meeting new friends who deserve to meet the best version of you even if you're on day two of dry shampoo!

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