My Five Favorite Fashion Bloggers


 Victoria from In the Frow: Victoria is truly admirable for her sweet spirit and incredible ability to create amazing content. She is in tune with the fashion world and rocks everything she does/ writes. Her style is more on the luxury side, which I love, but it also kills me. I love it, because I love everything she buys. It kills me because, I’m just starting my career and can’t afford her style yet. With that being said, I aspire to be where she is one day but also I just want to be her friend because I appreciate her honesty and emotion that’s in each post.


 Lauren Archer from Felix and Flora: I do have the absolute pleasure of calling Lauren one of my friends. I get to watch her cultivate ideas, along with the hard work that goes into making those really beautiful blog posts.  She has a great ability to find inspiration everywhere then creating something truly unique.  Her style is sweet and girly, with an element of fun and bold prints. While her blog is considered lifestyle, her style is evident in each post.  You can discover a new recipe, the best coffee spot in RVA, all while lusting over her latest beauty and fashion finds. So be on the lookout for her Friday Fives!


Megan Ellaby: I admire Megan so much. She is bold, fun, quirky and is unapologetic for her style and herself.  She prides herself in her sixties/seventies inspired clothes, and for good reason. She has the most modernized retro style, I’ve come across.   Even though her style and pure talent is enough to make you want to read her blog, it’s her personality and spirit that keep you coming back for more. Also, if you watch her YouTube videos (I recommend you should), you know she has an amazing rasp to her voice and I just want her to narrate my life. 


April Auger from All Awear:  April is another lady I'm pleased to call a new friend, and her blog, All Awear, focuses on finding fashion that is ethically conscious and traveling the world. As a lover of Jesus and people, I am an advocate for all things that are ethically sustainable, which is why I share in April's dream to move consumers to become educated about where their clothes come.  Her blog serves as a stylish way to make fashion lovers “awear” of the ethical issues that are present in the fashion industry and showcase sustainable brands.  In her vibrant posts, you get the honor of following her around the world as she searches for and goes behind the scenes of brands. 


Josie from Fashion Mumblr:  One of the many reasons I love Josie’s blog, is she does a phenomenal job of finding amazing dupes for luxury trend pieces. The high street is where she excels, but she also knows how to find a good luxury purchase. Her style is a perfect marriage of the two.  She is also smart and classy which comes across beautifully in her style and her posts.