How to Style A Band T-Shirt

Five Ways to Style a Band T-Shirt

If you have read one of my previous posts, you will know that I love going to concerts. Over my span of twenty-something years, I have been to quite a few and have accumulated a variety of t-shirts because of it.  It can get boring constantly re-wearing a band t-shirt with a pair of jeans. So I wanted to give you a little inspiration to rejuvenate the life of your well-loved tee, while staying on trend.


Printed Pants


The first bit of inspiration I have for you is to mix prints! Just because your shirt has a print, it doesn't mean you have to stick to the routine of pairing it with a basic pair of jeans or solid pant. You can go as subtle as black and white checked or be a little bold and pair it with a tartan trouser. Checked everything is one of my favorite trends for this fall and winter. I layered my shirt with a cropped leather jacket and checked high-waist trousers. This look is also current because we are moving away from skinny jeans and more towards straight and wide leg trousers. 


Leather and More Leather


Nothing says Rock N' Roll more than leather pants. It took me a bit of time to squeeze into mine, so fair warning, they aren't the most practical piece of clothing. Because they are so unforgiving, instead of tucking in your shirt, tie it just above the waist line of your pants to enhance that edgy I don't give a, well you know, feel. If pants aren't your jam, you can go for a leather mini skirt and knee high boots. 


Distressed Denim


I know I said pairing a band tee with jeans can get boring, but detail is EVERYTHING. Distressed denim gives another dimension to an outfit by adding subtle details. The trend of embellished or embroidered denim creates the same effect.  Pairing the t-shirt with an over sized blazer and a light washed distressed denim is a feminine take on ripped jeans while incorporating menswear. 


Of course, another option is to rock the edgy but intentional, I just rolled out of bed and look effortlessly cool style. You can do this by wearing a pair of black distressed jeans and half-tucking the shirt.  To really finish this look, layer fishnet tights under your jeans for a peek-a-boo effect and add an oversize denim jacket around your waist for the classic 90's look that isn't going away anytime soon. 


Add a Skirt


Still buzzing off the concert adrenaline but have to go to work the next day? A flowing midi or maxi skirt, topped off with an open blazer and ankle boots creates a playful take on an everyday outfit.  It will complete the professional, put together look, if you iron or steam your shirt. I chose an emerald green skirt because it is one of my favorite trends this year.


Because of my immense band tee collection, I wear them more often than I should admit. So, I had to get creative in the way I wear them and hopefully by doing so you have been inspired to do the same! I'd love to see your band t-shirt looks by tagging me in your Instagram or Twitter posts.