Three Looks For Your Galentine's or Valentine's Day

So clearly, this is a little last minute, but better late than never right? Right! I really wanted to share with you three of my favorite looks for your Galentine’s and/or Valentine’s Day,  that will also work all year.

IMG_3914 (1).JPG

Because I cherish my friendships, and the fact that I’m single, I love Galentine’s Day! I love being surrounded by the women in my life who inspire me and make me cry from belly laughing too hard.  It also doesn’t hurt that there’s a variety of chocolate either.

A day like this needs an outfit to match. This is when you pull out that outfit you’ve been dying to wear but haven’t had the right occasion for it, or you haven’t built up the courage to wear it out in public yet. When we are surrounded by our tribe/ squad/ whatever you call your group of friends, we can be unapologetically ourselves with no reservations. We can be comfortable, confident, fun, and a little sassy, which is how I feel in this look too.


This dress has it all without overdoing it, which is hard to do. It’s giving me sweet and delicate with the ruffles and the polka dots, while being chic and a little classic with the black and the stripes, and I haven’t even gotten to the daring side of the dress. The part of the dress that epitomizes Modestly Exposed. It has a peak-a-boo effect with a small cutout on the chest, it has an open back that is decorated with the same red ribbon as the belt in a crisscrossed pattern, and finally it has TWO slits. 

Even though I love this dress as is, it’s February, and I love not catching hypothermia more. To solve this problem I paired a white roll neck top underneath instead of covering up this beauty with a coat or jacket


I mentioned that I’m single so I don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, but I do know how to dress for one! If you have a day date or going somewhere less than formal, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear that dress you’ve been holding out for that special date. A jean jacket and white sneakers are an easy way to dress down most looks.  The look seems effortless while intentional at the same time.

The casualness of the jacket and the sneakers tones down the sexiness of the dress, but doesn’t take away from how amazing you look in it.  The entire time your date will be able to catch glimpses of it and appreciate how lucky they are to be with you.  


I know a red dress on Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly groundbreaking. It might even be downright cheesy. But that is what Valentine’s is. It’s red and pink hearts, chocolate, love notes and expressing admiration through cute but cheesy ways.  

And I’m going to be real honest, my red dress makes me feel more spicy than cheesy. So if it’s cheesy, then I’m a tall cup of queso and I am okay with that.


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