My Lively Vacation

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The last two things I’d want to be on vacation are uncomfortable and poorly dressed, I am in the fashion industry after all. Thankfully, I didn’t ’t have to compromise on either during my recent vacation to Orlando, Florida because of one of my favorite brands Lively.

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Lively is a clothing brand that was started by women, whose mission is to SUPPORT women with their Leisurée so that they feel empowered to conquer whatever life has for them.

They have created this idea of “leisurée,” lingerie that is stylish but unbelievably comfortable. It’s not your traditional view of lingerie. Each piece is designed for the everyday, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sexy. It’s a new take on sexy, where confidence, strength, and authenticity define what’s attractive most in the one who wears it.

All of this to say, it was a no brainer that I would be packing all of my Lively pieces for this trip.


On the first day, my friend and I hopped on our brooms to the Wizarding World. Because I knew we’d have a full day of adventure, I knew my outfit had to be comfortable enough to make it through the day in the Florida heat, which is why I went for the All You Bralette as my top. Not only is it comfortable, but the material is thick enough to be supportive while still being lightweight and breathable. Some bralettes are so thin and have barely any material, let alone have support, that they are more of an issue than just going braless. I am now going to toss all of those I own for this bralette. I will order it in every color!

Usually, I am fully aware of my bra because of how tight it is or a strap adjuster is rubbing against my back but not on this day. It was the craziest yet most spectacular  sensation of going through the day completely effortlessly.



The next day we went to Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, I decided to forego a costume and wore a fashionable take on mini mouse. Underneath my polka dot dress I wore the Lace Strapless bra. If you follow me on Instagram (@kaylynvial) you will have seen a post where I explain why this bra is a staple for your closet.

If you are one of the many women who really hate wearing a bra or  if you’re like me and have little to no boobs and don’t feel like you always need a bra, then there’s no question you need this bra. The only way I know I’m wearing a bra is because of the band, but not in a bad way. You feel supported yet free, well at least I do.

Reason number 100000 on why I love this bra, is that the lace isn’t annoying and it won’t irritate you by rubbing against your under arms.)


Before my trip, Lively was kind enough to send me their gorgeous The Plunge one piece swimsuit. It’s very much an updated classic. Navy is a color that is timeless and there will always be a need for one piece swimsuits, but the cut and fit of this one stays true to current trends in swimwear.


My go to swimwear is usually a bikini because they compliment my body better. Most one piece swimsuits are made for women with “regular” or shorter torsos. I’m a women with a longer torso, so when I try on a one piece it usually goes right up my you know what and the straps are so tight I feel like I have to slouch dramatically in order for it to fit.  (You can see why I normally opt for a bikini.)


I was so excited to receive the one piece from Lively, but I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t work. I really shouldn’t have worried because as you can see, it clearly worked out as does everything I have ordered from Lively! Not only does it fit my torso, the material is not tight or restrictive in any way and is softer than any bathing suit I’ve ever worn.


If you are interested in trying any of these items or any other Lively pieces, which you definitely should, you can order them here:

And for $10 off your first order use the code :