Five Ways To Be An Exceptional Shopper


1.  Don’t Rush!

Take your time, you never know what treasure is tucked away on that shop in the back of the store. If you have a deadline and have procrastinated your shopping, or a fashion emergency occurs leaving you with a time limit, ASK FOR HELP!  Most sale associates will be happy to assist you. One, it means they will make a sale, and two, they know you can't mess up the store by digging around looking for an outfit. 


2.  Know your sizes.

I know what you’re thinking, every store is different and things fit differently. Yes this is true. However, once you know your sizes in the stores you frequently shop in, it saves time and the cleanliness of the store, if you can pick up one or two sizes that you know should work.  Another benefit to this, is it allows you to purchase things online if it is unavailable in the store.


3.  TRY IT ON! (Unless it’s in a package, then DON’T open it, because you know you never buy it after you do and frankly, it’s rude.)

The way something looks on a hanger can be deceiving. I am guilty of both loving and hating something on a hanger and then having the opposite reaction when I try it on. 

* Bonus tip* Follow stores’ fitting room policies, such as leaving your unwanted items in the store’s designated spot, and leaving your underwear on when trying on things like bathing suits and lingerie.



4. Respect the stores you’re shopping in and the people that work there.

I will keep it simple, be considerate. It’s always good to keep in mind that this is someone’s place of work and they take pride and care about the store. So if you wouldn’t want someone coming to your work or home messing it up, or being disrespectful to you, don’t do it to them.  It makes everyone’s shopping experience so much more pleasant when the store is clean and the employees are friendly.


5.  If you need help, please ask for it!

The people who work in stores are there to help you. If you're in a hurry, it will save you time and the stress of searching for the item you're looking for. Also, honestly, the associates would much rather help you find an item or your size instead of having to clean or fold, a shop or an already folded and sized table all over again.