The Metallic Dress: An Alternative to Sequins and Glitter For This New Years Eve


If you’re in a desperate search for a New Year’s Eve look, your first thought is probably something sparkly or with tons of sequins, or maybe you’re thinking of something more classic like a little black dress.  But it’s a new year, and the whole idea behind the New Year’s celebrations is to start over and do things differently right?  Why not start with a new take on the NYE look? Instead of glitter, sequins or even your favorite LBD, try a metallic dress.

A metallic dress is a fresh approach to the glittery aesthetic that we associate with New Year’s.  It brings an element of shine while exuding a sleek futuristic feel! Speaking of futuristic, metallic and galaxy inspired fashion has been creeping into our lives because of their popularity on the runways over the past year.  I mean who can forget the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2017 show, kicking off the year with pieces that made us wish we were blasting off towards a luxurious space station in the Chanel rocket. With that being said, it is only fitting we end the year and begin a new one, with a trend that has made a huge impact in the current year and that is sure to be sticking around for a while.


For your New Year’s Eve look, style your metallic dress with matching jewelry to add a pop of sparkle.  You can’t go wrong with a sophisticated choker. Also, let’s be real. It’s really cold this time of year, and instead of throwing on a bulky winter coat for warmth’s sake, treat yourself to a long faux fur coat. They are chic as well as cozy.

If you get inspired to wear a metallic dress or any metallic pieces, I’d love to see your NYE looks! Heck! I’d love to see your looks anyway, even if they aren’t metallic! Let me know what your plans are and if you have any resolutions for 2018!




Kaylyn Vial